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Sizes/Weight: 1000ml


  • Amino acids from beef
  • 33 g protein per daily serving
  • Plus vitamin B6

A liquid amino acid that is made with essential ingredients from beef. Ideal for people who take less proteins through the daily diet or exert their joints intensly


Body Attack Beef Amino Liquid contains amino acids that are derived from beef: L-Hydroxyproline, L-Hydroxylysine, L-Proline and L-Glycine. These 4 amino acids are indispensable for healthy and stable cartilage metabolism, and occur in much greater concentration in the Body Attack Beef Amino Liquid than in conventional food. To take in 10 g protein, a person would have to drink almost 3 litres of milk a day or eat 2 kg potatoes. Moreover, L-Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine are hardly found in meat, milk, cereals and potatoes. Therefore, the liquid amino acid supplement from Body Attack is suitable for people, who take less proteins with the daily food or exert their joints intensely.

This applies especially to athletes, strength athletes and heavy workers who exert a heavy load on their joints through jerky movements and heavy lifting. The Beef Amino Liquid from Body Attack can be used by the body also for protein metabolism, since the proteins contained may contribute to the build-up of muscle mass. Therefore, 20 ml Beef Amino Liquid may be taken 3 times a day either at meals or preferably with the protein shake before and after workout.

A daily serving (60 ml) of the Beef Amino Liquid from Body Attack contains 33 g protein and thereof 2.1 g BCAA from collagenous bovine protein.


What are the other substances still active in the Body Attack Amino Liquid?

The liquid amino acid supplement also contains 4 mg vitamin B6 per daily serving.
Vitamin B6 is a vital nutrient for our body because it is involved in over 100 metabolic processes. In energy metabolism, it ensures smooth synthesis and conversion process of major nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) that the body needs for high-energy metabolic processes (e.g. heat generation, muscular activity) and protein synthesis (muscle growth). Vitamin B6 also plays an important role in other metabolic processes, for example in the formation of red blood cells, neurotransmitters and may contribute to normal immune function. In bodybuilding and weight training, vitamin B6 is one of the most important nutrients as it plays a key role in protein metabolism and is also involved in the regulation of hormonal activity.

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