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Taste:Berry / Citrus Punch


ProSupps® Amino23 is a premium liquid amino acid supplement created using high-grade collagen peptides and whey protein concentrate. Its main job is to help promote muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance and is best used before or after training. Amino acids are the cornerstone to building stronger leaner muscle. Whether you are distance runner or hard-core weight room advocate, the constant stress of exercise and rep after rep damaging effects of microscopic tearing of muscle tissue is the impetus for muscle protein synthesis and the very reason we subject ourselves to the pain – to get results. Results in the form of bigger, stronger, leaner, faster, and greater endurance in our quest to achieve our fitness goals. There is no better way to improve your chances of recovering faster and achieving those results than to supplement with protein and especially amino acids derived from protein. Regardless of your form of torment, amino acids will help improve every aspect of your training, promote faster recovery times, enhance muscle strength, power, and endurance, and promote leaner, fuller, muscle development. Use daily as often as you like and load up when pushing yourself beyond your normal training barriers. Amino23 is designed for men and women looking for a quick, easy, bioavailable source of amino acids to help support lean muscle growth and repair. †


  • Helps Support Muscle Growth & Post Workout Recovery †
  • Promote Enhanced Training Endurance †
  • Increase Recovery Rate from Exercise †
  • Elevate Protein Synthesis †

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