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  • Vitamins
  • Energy
  • Biotin

The Body Attack Loader is a specially formulated dietary supplement for athletes. It has a high proportion of maltodextrin, vitamins and more.


The form of carbohydrates contained in the Body Attack Carbo Loader can be readily absorbed by the stomach. Other sugary drinks, such as soft drinks or fruit juices often have a very high proportion of monosaccharides, which can adversely affect rapid gastric emptying.

All athletes, who need other carbohydrate suppliers in addition to normal meals, can rely on dietary supplements such as the Body Attack Carbo Loader. The drink contains 93 g carbohydrates per 100 g of ready-to-serve drink and can thus contribute to replenishment of the energy storage in the body. 

The ingredients include Maltodextrin and dextrose, L-Ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, and 460 micrograms biotin. The drink is also interesting because of the high content of vitamins. These include 4.3 mg vitamin B1, 4.8 mg vitamin B2, 19 mg vitamin B6 and 181 mg ascorbic acid.

What are the other active substances in the Body Attack Carbo Loader?
55 mg niacin is contained in the Body Attack Carbo Loader. This material may contribute not only to maintenance of the normal energy metabolism, but also reduction in fatigue. Decreased fatigue also results in increased concentration.

The Body Attack Carbo Loader is taken one to three times a day as needed. 30 g powder constitutes one serving and should be taken with 300 ml skimmed milk or water. 30 g powder is equivalent to two tablespoons. The Carbo Loader from Body Attack is available in the following flavours: lemon and neutral. The powder with a neutral flavour can also be stirred easily in a protein shake or refined with added flavours.


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