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Sizes/Weight:240 Caps


  • - Contains pure creatine monohydrate
  • - 3.200 mg per serving
  • - Improves physical performance

Body Attack Creatine Capsules deliver creatine monohydrate in capsule form - for an extra light dosage. This means that the creatine capsules are easily taken along in a pillbox in the gym bag or in your jacket pocket. Thus, athletes on vacation or fitness training always have their dose of creatine at hand.


Worth knowing: What is creatine?

The root of the word creatine is the Greek word (kreas), which means meat and is an endogenous and natural substance that can be synthesised in the liver, kidney and pancreas from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. The natural production of the body is about 1 g per day. We take about 1 g daily through the intake of animal foods. 1 kg raw pork has, e.g. about 5 g creatine, wherein the amount can be reduced by cooking and frying. In contrast, plant foods contain only small amounts of creatine. Therefore, the body is increasingly dependent on its own production in case of a low-meat diet. This is because creatine plays a central role in the body´s energy metabolism.


Creatine increases physical performance as part of brief and intense workouts during plyometrics.
Therefore, people on a low-meat diet can benefit from the Body Attack Creatine Capsules to improve not only the physical performance in plyometric workout, but also maintain the high-energy metabolic processes in the body.

Body Attack Creatine Capsules allow faster flow of energy during workout, facilitating harder and more intense training of their muscles. For this reason, the Creatine Capsules are suitable especially for athletes who want to improve their physical performance in the plyometric workout during brief and intense physical exertion. This not only refers to strength athletes and bodybuilders, but also sprinters, who exert their leg muscles tremendously every second. Even martial artists, professional cyclists and rowers, who are subject to brief and intense stress in certain sports phases, as in the preliminary power build-up phase, can increase their physical performance during plyometric training through Creatine Capsules from Body Attack as part of short and intense workout. 

One serving of Body Attack Creatine Capsules (4 capsules) contains 3.2 g creatine monohydrate with noticeable performance-enhancing properties during short and intense workout. 

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