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Sizes/Weight:100 Caps


with Caffeine


  • Guarana
  • Phytochemical
  • 6% caffeine

The new Body Attack Guarana 500 is a dietary supplement that contains 1,500 mg guarana powder per daily dose (3 capsules).


The Guarana is an evergreen plant that occurs in the Amazon region in Brazil. It grows mostly as a climber and has beautiful white or red flowers. Their reddish orange fruits contain up to three seeds. This is peeled, dried and powdered. In the native region of the plant various soft drinks are produced from the powder. This substance is also found in chocolate, chewing gum or herbal tea. Another application of the powder is in the manufacture of dietary supplement such as Body Attack Guarana 500.

The extract of Guarana contains, inter alia, about 12% tannins, up to 6% caffeine and 4% minerals. The taste of the pure powder is very bitter and astringent. Therefore, it is most commonly used as an additive to other foods. The caffeine of Guarana is similar to caffeine in regular coffee. Guarana 500 of Body Attack is a good alternative for people and athletes who like refreshing and invigorating tea and caffeine. 

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