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Sizes/Weight: 120 Caps


  • Thermogenic fat burner
  • With choline and caffeine
  • Supports fat metabolism

Now with a new, even more effective formula: The best fat burner with natural ingredients made in Germany.

The sensation in the fat burning field: LIPO 100 has always been a best seller but now it has been reformulated producing an innovative, even more effective formula and unique Multi Phase Technology.

Now, Body Attack LIPO 100 has even more fat burning potential than ever before. Because top-selling LIPO 100 contains a unique, selected formula of nutrients that has a lot to offer: The formula consists of high-quality plant extracts, amino acids, B vitamins, zinc and choline, which assists normal fat and energy metabolism. In addition LIPO 100 supplies caffeine to enhance endurance and concentration during your fat burning workouts.

LIPO 100 is so unique that it is suitable for all weight loss goals: For people who want to lose a few pounds quickly for that sculpted beach body, for people who want to lose large amounts of weight permanently or for trained athletes who just want to define their muscles a little more, e.g. all bodybuilders.

"My metabolism was noticeably faster and I could see significant results in the mirror after just a few days." Figen Özdemir, IFBB Pro and state-certified sport and gymnastic teacher, uses LIPO 100 by Body Attack.

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