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Sizes/Weight:300 caps


  • 10000 mg of L-Glutamic acid per daily serving
  • GMO-free Maxi-Caps
  • Lasts for 37 days

The Glutamic acid 10,000 from Body Attack delivers the amino acid L-Glutamine, which is so important for strength athletes, in free form.


Anyone who regularly exposes their body to high levels of stress through intensive training or is repeatedly exposed to stressful situations in daily life needs products with maximum effect to provide their body and muscles with the best nutrients

As the name suggests, the Glutamic acid 10,000 from Body Attack delivers the semi-essential amino acid L-Glutamic acid in free form. L-Glutamic acid is mainly found in muscle tissue and is therefore especially popular among strength athletes.

Endurance athletes with a very low fat and carbohydrate diet, as well as women who frequently diet and do not consume much dietary protein (e.g. dairy products, meat), can benefit from Maxi-Caps, which are produced without genetic engineering.


  • 10,000 mg of L-Glutamic acid per daily serving
  • For protein metabolism
  • Produced without genetic engineering
  • Free form of Glutamic acid
  • Maxi-Caps for more active ingredient
  • 300 caps last for 37 days
  • Ideal for on the go

With Glutamic acid 10,000, you can keep a close eye on your daily amount of amino acids. 

You can use Maxi-Caps, which contain more active ingredient than conventional capsules do, at any time, on any occasion and without a lot of trouble. 

One capsule provides 1,250 mg of micro-fine L-Glutamic acid powder, which is provided to the body early on for protein metabolism. (Maxi Caps Logo)

Worth knowing: What are the effects of L-Glutamic acid?
L-Glutamic acid is a semi-essential amino acid which is important for protein metabolism, and which therefore also helps in muscle building. In certain metabolic situations, or during mental or physical stress, it is needed in larger quantities. 

Normally, L-Glutamic acid can be produced directly by the body from the 8 essential amino acids. If there is a shortage of these amino acids, though, the body needs to draw on its emergency reserves. The metabolic processes which continue around the clock will still be covered, but the muscles will lose valuable substance.

The Body Attack L-Glutamic acid 10,000 is an ideal companion during strenuous exercise periods and physical overloading. As a result, the body does not have to waste essential amino acids in order to form L-Glutamic acid, and protein conversion can be stabilised. 

This in turn means that the construction and conversion processes can continue undisturbed. The L-Glutamic acid 10,000 thus serves as a small protein-buffer when your daily protein and energy intake is insufficient during strenuous exercise periods. 

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