Gofit Single Latex-free Flat Band twitter


Color:Yellow / Orange / Red
Sizes/Weight:Light 5lb / Medium 10lb / Heavy 15lb


Tone and shape your entire body with the durable Latex-Free Flat Band. Versatile and effective resistance training, that's perfect for rehab; ideal for pre-game or pre-activity warm up and stretching.

 Available in 3 Resistances:

  • Light (Yellow - 5 LB)
  • Medium (Orange - 10 LB)
  • Heavy (Red - 15 LB) 

Perfect for:

  • Rehab 
  • Warm-Up
  • Muscle Toning 
  • Stretching

Length: 6' (≈1.83m)
Width: 6" (≈15cm)



  • One Latex-Free Flat Band
  • Online Training Manual


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