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Taste:VanillaMilkshake / Cookies & Cream / ChocoMilkshake / Stawberry Banana / Stawberry Banana


Whey MatriX is the super science of muscle. ultra-pure multi-sourced whey protein complex, with cold-processed ultra-filtration that ensures the whole proteins and nano particles stay true, maximizing the amino acid delivered in each scoop. With 23 (Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream contains 24g) grams of ultra-refined premium grade protein, Whey MatriX delivers nearly 11.3g of essential amino acids of which, BCAAs contribute 5.2g. Whey MatriX helps build bigger and stronger muscles with faster recovery. Amazing taste, easy-to-mix. It’s everything you need from your protein.


  • 23 grams of Premium Whey Protein Concentrate
  • 11.3g of essential amino acids
  • Enhances muscle repair and growth†
  • Gluten Free

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