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Sizes/Weight: 100 Caps


  • Maca root
  • Maca plant
  • Vitamin E

Body Attack Maca antioxidants plus is a dietary supplement that contains 760 mg maca root, 40 mg vitamin C and 20 mg vitamin E per daily dose.


The human body needs various vitamins and minerals for its daily metabolic processes. However, many of the vitamins and minerals are essential. This means the body is not able to produce these themselves. Consequently, it is imperative that these materials are ingested with food. Therefore, the daily personal diet should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Besides fruits and vegetables, meat, giblets and whole milk products are good sources. Due to stress or an unhealthy lifestyle, it can happen that the need for vitamins and minerals is not covered. In this case, a dietary supplement such as the Body Attack Maca Active antioxidants plus can be used in support.

Worth knowing: what is maca?
For about 2000 years, the tuber is grown in the Peruvian Andes. The plant grows there under extreme climatic conditions. After the harvest, the tubers may be consumed either fresh or in a dried and powdered form. The peculiarity of the maca root is in its ingredients. It is, among other things, rich in essential minerals, such as iron, zinc and calcium, as well as various vitamins.

What is still active in the Body Attack Maca Active antioxidants plus?
Body Attack Maca Active antioxidants plus is a dietary supplement that can help to avoid a deficiency in vitamin E and C in certain situations of life. Symptoms of deficiency are varied and often difficult to diagnose. The first signs may be, for example, lack of concentration, irritability, and muscle weakness. 

Vitamins E and C have a special role in the body. They actively contribute to protection of the body´s cells and the muscles from oxidative stress. The so-called free radicals are trapped by these vitamins and protect, among others, the muscles from damage. Another advantage is that ascorbic acid may influence the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E, and the normal energy metabolism.

As a dietary supplement, Body Attack Maca Active antioxidants plus can be an effective support for the body especially in the winter season. The immune system is subject to new challenges on a daily basis due to the numerous attacks of cold viruses. Ascorbic acid helps strengthen the body´s defences. 

A dietary supplement such as the Body Attack Maca Active antioxidants plus can be taken in this case. 


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