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Sizes/Weight:80 caps


  • Pure plant extract
  • With saponins & protodioscine
  • Plus zinc & vitamin B5

Body Attack Tribulus Extreme, made 100% of high-quality pure Tribulus Terrestris plant extract, particularly popular among bodybuilders. Now with zinc & vitamin B5.


Tribulus Extreme Body Attack is a high-quality, pure plant extract. Tribulus extract not only has the usual ingredient saponine, but also contains protodioscine. Thus, the Body Attack Tribulus Extreme provides two valuable ingredients for dietary supplementation of strength training.

The Body Attack Tribulus Extreme supports a diversified high-protein diet by providing the phytochemicals saponine and protodioscine as supplements.

Owing to their structure, saponine and protodioscine belong to the plant steroids, which, like amino acids, have a nitrogen-containing compound. These plant steroids belong to the group of phytochemicals, called glycosides. 

The glycosides are not only found in the Tribulus herb plant, but also in small amounts in legumes, such as beans. Be it beans or other legumes - both should not be missed as a vegetable protein source in the build-up phase. This is because they contain essential amino acids and nitrogen-containing compounds such as saponine and protodioscine.

Worth knowing: Why is nitrogen so important for the body?

The protein metabolism is always dependent on the nutrient nitrogen, because the body cannot synthesise it on its own. Deficiency results in a negative nitrogen balance and means that the body burns up more muscle proteins than it synthesises. 

Here, most athletes want to build more muscle mass, but this is only possible through a positive nitrogen balance. That is, when the body gets enough nitrogen molecules from food, it can retain more of the build-up processes.

For this reason, all athletes with the goal of building more muscle should choose from a diverse range of food proteins by including more proteins of vegetable origin such as legumes in the daily menu. In particular, people with inadequate or one-sided intake of legumes can benefit from Body Attack Tribulus Extreme. 

In the power diet, bodybuilders and strength athletes can also include the B-Complex vitamin supplement from Body Attack because of the one-sided diet and low-calorie nutrition. The vitamins like B6, folic acid and pantothenic acid particularly contribute to normal synthesis and metabolism of amino acids, steroid hormones, vitamin D and some neurotransmitters (e.g. dopamine, serotonin).

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