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Sizes/Weight:30 Packs


  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • 30 daily servings

The packaged product contains portions for 30 days that integrate well into your diet plan. A daily portion contains 1 capsule of vitamin B complex, 1 multivitamin tablet, 1 fish oil capsule and 1 calcium plus D3 tablet.


Body Attack Daily Vital provides the human body with the vitamins and minerals required in a simple way. The product Body Attack Daily Vital easily meets any increased demand. This is especially true for athletes who consume certain substances much more during their exercise sessions than a person who does not work out. 

Nevertheless, Body Attack Daily Vital is also suitable even outside of sports to compensate well for deficiencies in the diet. 

The body is supplied with nutrients in sufficient quantities, and thus all important metabolic processes can take place without any problem. The various functions of the body are maintained. This makes the product interesting even to older people and heavy workers. People in occupations that require a great deal of physical labour cope with a high workload everyday same as athletes during workout.

Body Attack Daily Vital contains all the essential minerals and vitamins that are indispensable for life. Many vitamins and minerals that are needed for a number of metabolic processes in the body, are contained in the multivitamin tablets in concentrated form.

The B vitamins that are most important for the athlete are present in the respective capsules in concentrated form. Athletes need a particularly large portion of these B vitamins as they are important for the energy metabolism.

Calcium helps especially to preserve bone strength, which is not just important in sports. Furthermore, the fish oil in capsule form has been highly valued for centuries. It is often taken in insufficient quantities with regular food.

For whom is Body Attack Daily Vital suitable?
The Body Attack Daily Vital product was primarily developed for athletes in all areas, to meet their very high demand for minerals and vitamins. The increased energy expenditure during the exercise sessions can easily cause various deficiencies in this regard. Even during a diet there might be a lack of vitamins and minerals, which can be well compensated by Body Attack Daily Vital. The product is also extremely suitable for elderly people or workers in physically demanding jobs.

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