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Sizes/Weight: 250 Tabs


  • Important minerals
  • 440 mg calcium per daily serving
  • 264 mg magnesium per daily serving

With calcium and magnesium, the Body Attack Magnesium & Calcium supplies two minerals that are vital to the body and may not be missing in the daily diet.


The Body Attack Magnesium & Calcium supplies two minerals that are vital to the body and may not be missing in the daily diet. An unbalanced diet with less fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and milk may cause a deficiency of these minerals over time. Similarly, not only water but also minerals such as magnesium and calcium are lost through sweat during physical exertion, such as sports. Washing of, e.g. salad and cooking food may cause loss of these minerals through the water. 

Therefore, the mineral supplement Body Attack Magnesium & Calcium is suitable for individuals, who pay less attention to a mineral-rich diet and hardly consume any dairy products. Body Attack Magnesium & Calcium proves to be a supplement even for people, who exercise regularly, and sweat and lose minerals. A daily serving (4 capsules) provides 440 mg calcium and 264 mg magnesium - which is roughly equivalent to our fluid loss through sweat.


Worth knowing: Why does the body need magnesium and calcium?

The two minerals magnesium and calcium are both minerals for athletes, since they play a central role in the energy and protein metabolism. In particular, magnesium is involved in over 300 metabolic processes by making the fed nutrients available to the body. This facilitates the synthesis of endogenous substances, which are essential for energy metabolism and muscle function. This ensures metabolic activities during high physical exertion, and thus can help to reduce fatigue. 

Both minerals are also partly responsible for a balanced electrolyte and fluid balance in the body´s tissues. Thus, nutrient and oxygen supply to the metabolic activities of the muscle cells is ensured. The minerals dissolved in water also regulate the transmission of signals between neurons and muscle fibres, i.e. magnesium helps relax the muscles and calcium builds up tension in the muscles. Lack of these minerals may be associated with muscle weakness, cramp, and fatigue. The blood vessels also need both of these minerals to expand and constrict during physical exertion. However, calcium can also contribute to normal blood clotting and is an important building block for bones and teeth. Therefore, the calcium and magnesium mineral supplement from Body Attack can also contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

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