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Taste:Chocolate / Vanilla 


with Digestive Enzymes




  • A Low Lactose, High Quality, Sustained-Release Protein Matrix
  • Blend of Critical Amino Acids to Help Muscle Recovery and Growth
  • No Added Sugar and Fortified with Fiber
  • Up to 33% More Protein than Other Gainers

LEAN MASS GAINER is a premium lean mass gaining formula that is designed to meet the demands of high intensity training, especially when trying to build quality muscle while maintaining a relatively low level of body fat.

LEAN MASS GAINER contains a 1.5-to-1 ratio of low glycemic carbohydrates to sustained release protein, designed specifically to help fuel muscle growth and recovery without impacting body-fat levels like some other mass gainers.

LEAN MASS GAINER is low in lactose, high quality protein, and is the most delicious, nutritious, and effective way to get the high quality calories needed to gain lean muscle mass in a hurry!

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