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Taste:Chocolate / Vanilla


BCAA + Glutamine


Lean Gainer 8000

Daytime/Nighttime Lean Mass Delivery Gainer / Amino Acid + BCAA Powerhouse / 3-Stage CarboMix / Non-GMO / Low Lactose


Saturn's Lean Gainer 8000 is the perfect formula for individuals looking to enhance their calorie intake without adding unwanted fats or cholesterol.

Each serving provides 1035 calories engineered from a 3-Stage Energy CarboMix. This revolutionary energy mix is comprised of Simple, Medium and Complex Carbohydrates-the ultimate energy activator for strength training.

Combined with a superior multi-blend protein mixture, amino acids, performance activators, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, fiber, Saturn's virtually fat-free Lean Gainer 8000 is the ultimate weight management system.

NEW NON-STICK LINER: We are now in the process of changing over all closures/lids to our High-Performance Protein Powder Formulas with our New & Improved NON-STICK / NON-RESIDUE INNER LINER. This liner sticks to the top of the closure/lid-not the bottle. This leaves the inner rim of the bottle clean and free of powder debris, eliminating the chance of germ causing powder residue. Powder remains Fresh & Pure and bottle remains Clean & Free of Debris. Each bottle will be Saturn Certified with a special Hologram Sticker that adheres to the top of the closure/lid and outer neckband clear seal. Do Not Use if Outer Neckband Seal / Hologram Sticker has been damaged or broken. Thank you!

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