Scitec 100% Whey Protein Professional

Scitec 100% Whey Protein Professional

  • 100% of protein from whey
  • excellent quality whey protein blend with whey concentrate and whey isolate.
  • contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • maintenance of normal bones
  • provides the body with all the necessary types of amino acids, including the 9 amino acids the body cannot synthesize
  • 100% Whey Protein Professional has more added components: an “Amino Acid Matrix”
  • provides popular extra amino acids, namely L-Leucine, L-Glutamine and Taurine.


  • Taste: (920g) Honey Vanilla, Choco Hazelnut (2350g)Banana, Cappucino, Honey Vanilla, Choco Hazelnut, Strawberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Very Berry
  • Sizes/Weight: 920g, 2350g



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