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Body Attack Calcium + D3- 100 Tabs

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Until the age of 35, human beings should ensure adequate calcium uptake, since the maximum bone calcium store can be built up to that age. This is marked by the onset of age-related degradation processes and low stores of calcium in the bone may lead to premature bone weakness.

Vitamin D3 is not only important for bone metabolism, but also takes over numerous other tasks in the body: It is involved in cell division, growth and maturation and is also responsible for the activity of the immune system. It also ensures a balanced calcium metabolism, which regulates the transmission of signals between neurons and muscle cells.

Vitamin D is also believed to have an important role in muscle development. It is believed that vitamin D promotes the influx of calcium into the muscle fibres. The influx of calcium plays an important role in strength development, because calcium activates the enzymes (ATPases) that release energy for muscle contraction in the muscle cells.


Calcium & Vitamin D3

1200 mg calcium carbonate per serving

The Body Attack Calcium + D3 is a supplement that consists of the mineral calcium and the sun vitamin D3 which are important to the body.

Calcium is needed by the body to maintain normal bone and teeth as well as blood clotting and muscle function. It is best integrated into the bone with the help of vitamin D. The vitamin D3 activates the calcium-binding proteins in the intestine and contributes to the absorption and utilisation of calcium, maintenance of a normal muscle function, and normal functioning of the immune system.

For people who do not absorb enough vitamin D through exposure to the sun or vitamin D-rich foods, such as mushrooms, eggs, margarine, liver and salmon, Body Attack Calcium + D3 can be a useful supplement. One serving (2 tablets) of Body Attack Calcium + D3 has 1,200 mg calcium carbonate and 10 μg Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).


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