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BioTechUSA IsoTonic- 600g

  • $220.00

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  • Its 69% of carbohydrate content comes from 3 types of carbohydrates
  • Contains 5 types of electrolytes
  • Contains 1,5 g of salt per serving
  • Contains magnesium from organic sources (magnesium-bisglycinate)
  • Lactose- and gluten-free
  • Without preservatives and sweeteners
  • Practical and economic packaging


Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions contribute to optimal performance during long term endurance trainings and enhance the absorption rate of water. IsoTonic consists of 3 kinds of carbohydrates, such as the widely known dextrose and sucrose. The 3rd one is Palatinose™, which increases the complexity of the product. Thanks to their different structures, glycemic indexes and absorption rates, these carbohydrates affect blood sugar level differently. Besides, IsoTonic also contains magnesium from organic sources (magnesium-bysglicinate). Combining it with calcium and sodium, IsoTonic has an outstanding electrolyte content.  The product’s C and B6 vitamin contents contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, so they are always a good choice during any trainings with any kinds of intensity.

This refreshing isotonic* drink not only supports your fluid intake, but as a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution contributes to optimal performance during long term endurance trainings.

* The product is isotonic at the recommended dilution.

What does BioTechUSA IsoTonic drink powder contain?

In 1 serving (30 g):

  • 21gof carbohydrates
  • out of which 21 gare sugar
  • 1,4gof salt 
  • 120 mgof calcium
  • 66,5 mgof magnesium
  • 32 mgofVitamin C
  • 2 mgof Vitamin B6

BioTechUSA IsoTonic is recommended

  • for men and women
  • at a younger age as well
  • if you are looking for a refreshing drink to refill your storage of carbohydrates during your trainings
  • if you are looking for a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution to support your performance during long-term endurance trainings

Like all BioTechUSA products IsoTonic consists of only safe and carefully selected ingredients.


Mix 1 serving (30 g = 2 scant measuring spoons = 2 heaped tablespoons) powder with 500 ml water in a shake. Consume 1 serving during your trainings. We recommend maximum 3 servings per day.


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