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  • Versa Gripps Xtreme -Onyx

Versa Gripps Xtreme -Onyx

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Cutting-edge technology packed into our toughest product yet. This is the most advanced grip that we have ever created. Xtreme Versa Gripps feature a NEW, Patented U-SHAPED BRIDGING ARCH SUPPORT that offers maximum protection during the most intense workouts. This Revolutionary Engineering allows the weight bar to bridge over the vulnerable carpal tunnel area for enhanced protection during all pushing exercises. The grip is equally effective in all pulling exercises as well. Each grip is double-sewn for enhanced durability and longevity.

The wrist wrap features a stainless steel D-Ring that will never rust, and the wrap itself is made from the most rugged webbing that we have ever used. Each wrist wrap features an innovative, funnel-shaped design that helps to promote healthy circulation and protects the delicate nerves in the wrist. The grip portion is made with our exclusive “non-slip” custom engineered material. With the introduction of Xtreme Versa Gripps, we have completely reimagined what is possible in the gym. Xtreme Versa Gripps will help you reach your next level of performance excellence. TRAIN BETTER WITH VERSA GRIPPS.

Versa Gripps (Extreme) Size Chart:



wrist size(inch)

wrist size(cm)


5 to 6 inch wrist

12.7cm – 15.2cm


6 1/8 to 7 inch wrist

15.5cm – 17.8cm


7 1/8 to 8 inch wrist

18cm – 20.3cm


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