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Body Attack Creatine Protein- 2000g/4.4lbs

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Pre-Workout vs. Post-Workout Shake

Taken as a pre-workout shake, i.e. 30-60 minutes before a training session, Creatine Protein can improve your physical performance during short, intensive speed-strength training sessions.
As a post-workout shake, the Creatine Protein formula, which contains protein and B vitamins, ensures that the body’s protein and energy metabolism processes function normally after an intensive muscle building training session and can therefore support muscle growth.

Professional protein with creatine

3000mg Creapure® per shake

35g protein per shake

Creatine Protein by Body Attack is the ideal pre- and post-workout shake for athletes.

Creatine Protein by Body Attack is the ideal pre- and post-workout shake for athletes who want a greater increase in strength and more muscle growth from an all-in-one formula. 

The ingredients protein and creatine in particular give muscles the nutrients they need for growth and also for strength. All this makes Body Attack Creatine Protein the ultimate nutrient formula , when it comes to building up solid, strong muscles.

Creatine – more power for the muscles 
Each Body Attack Creatine Protein shake provides 3,000mg of creatine monohydrate (Creapure®), which is known for its ability to enhance performance during speed-strengthtraining. . Creatine is made up of energy-rich substrates that give muscles power in training sessions. For this to happen, at least 3g of creatine must be consumed every day. During the building phase especially, the strain on muscles is very high, which is why they also use up more creatine when subjected to short and intensive periods of strain. 

Highly valuable protein sources for muscle building 
In addition, the muscles are supplied with up to 35g of protein, which makes it easier to consume the recommended daily protein intake of 2g per kilogram of body weight. Body Attack Creatine Protein is a coordinated combination of whey protein, whey hydrolysate (Optipep®), and milk and egg protein.

These protein sources have high biological values and therefore help to build muscle and maintain muscle mass. Muscles are very receptive to creatine and protein before and after training sessions in particular.


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