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Body Attack Extreme Instant BCAA- 500g

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10.000 mg BCAA per serving

Great taste

BCAA ratio 2:1:1

Body Attack Extreme Instant BCAA is an ultrafine drink powder with the main ingredient BCAA.

Body Attack Extreme Instant BCAA is an ultrafine drink powder with the main ingredient BCAA and easily soluble in water. And this is why we call the drink powder "instant".

BCAA support a sufficient supply of Protein

One serving (13 g powder) contains 10,000 mg BCAA in the popular ratio of 2:1:1. Extreme Instant BCAA drink powder is ideal for training, as it can be taken before, during and after training thanks to its good solubility in water. Precisely when your muscles have to train hardest. But also on your days off from training, BCAA supply your body with plenty of protein which in turn is essential for muscle development and maintenance. 

Vitamin B6 supports the protein and amino acid metabolism

Apart from that, Body Attack Extreme Instant BCAA drink powder also provides you with a helping of the important vitamin B6 which your body needs for the normal protein and amino acid metabolism. The higher the supply of proteins and amino acids, the more vitamin B6 your body needs. This is why Body Attack has added vitamin B6 to its protein/amino acid powder, as the required intake of the 3 amino acids, i.e. , L-Leucin, L-Valin and L-Isoleucin, is increased during the muscle development and diet phase. 

The vitamin B6 in the drink powder helps to regulate the normal glycogen and protein metabolism. Your exercise metabolism is especially high during weight training and endurance sports as more carbohydrates (glycogen) are broken down in the muscles. This may lead to an energy deficit similar to one you can experience during a diet or to an increased protein metabolism during endurance sports as more proteins are broken down to create a source of energy. 

In this catabolic state, the body needs vitamin B6 and important protein building bricks like BCAA. BCAA are also part of the muscle proteins, which is why they are primarily used for muscle development. They can, however, also be converted into an energy source in the state of total exhaustion, enabling all other metabolic processes to work at a normal level. BCAA are also referred to as glycogen and ketogenic amino acids, i.e. they can serve as a substitute for sugar when the body urgently requires energy.

This is why a protein/amino acid supplement in the form of a drink is ideal for maintaining muscle mass and Performance. And the drink also contributes to supplying the body with protein during the development phase, forming the basis for muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth.

BCAA also contribute to the protein metabolism

The three amino acids contained in the Body Attack Extreme Instant BCAA Drink also contribute to the protein metabolism and can be turned into body and muscle proteins, as required. In particular during physical exercise such as sport, BCAA are primarily used in the protein metabolism for muscle development and muscle maintenance. For this reason athletes preferably use BCAA capsules and pills near training times. 

As not everybody likes taking capsules and pills, fortunately we have now developed a drink powder in six different flavours. The BCAA drink can now not only be taken before and after training, but also DURING training. This has the advantage that the protein metabolism and the muscles are instantly supplied with BCAA. This in turn promotes the protein synthesis and muscle development. 


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