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Body Attack Clear Iso Whey - 900g

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  • Approx. 25 protein* per shake
  • 11.400 mg* EAAs per serving (30 g)
  • Whey isolate produced using the CFM process
  • Clear the way! Itüs time for a protein evolution in your shaker! BODY ATTACKüs CLEAR ISO WHEY powder provides you with a refreshing alternative to classic protein shakes! Test one of 9 fruity varieties and find your favourite. With approx. 25 g protein* and strong 11,400 mg EAAs* per serving (30 g) you are well prepared for effective muscle building**! After your best performance, give your body the building blocks it needs to build up. You get clear, high-quality CFM whey protein isolate with every thirst-quenching shake. We do without sugar, fat and genetic engineering - your performance remains at the highest level!

    The fresh alternative to classic protein shakes! Fancy a thirst quencher with plenty of protein? Choose your favorite between the 6 flavors or try them all. Whatever you decide, one thing is clear: You get high-quality whey protein isolate for efficient muscle building**. So that you get the best protein, your CLEAR ISO WHEY is produced without genetic engineering using a special CFM process. We do without unnecessary fat and sugar! After all, your performance should remain at a high level! For the best protein refreshment, we recommend mixing 30g of CLEAR ISO WHEY powder with 500ml of water.

    What is CFM and what does it stand for? The abbreviation CFM stands for the term cross-flow microfiltration. The CLEAR ISO WHEY powder from BODY ATTACK is cold-pressed without chemicals. Due to this special manufacturing process, it retains its high-quality properties and high bioavailability. This allows your body to use the protein quickly and efficiently to build muscle**!

    11,400 mg EAAs* in your CLEAR ISO WHEY shake! As an additional benefit, we have added high-dose EAAs to your CLEAR ISO WHEY powder. The Essential Amino Acids are abbreviated as EAAs and are the protein building blocks of the body. They designate the eight essential amino acids that are essential for survival for everyone. Since your body cannot produce them on its own, you have to get them from your food. With every shake of CLEAR ISO WHEY you get a broad amino acid profile. These include the three important amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. The three special amino acids belong to the BCAAs (Branched Amino Acids) and help your body with various metabolic processes!

    CLEAR ISO WHEY, ready-to-drink? No problem. Your lifestyle is hectic and you jump from one fitness challenge to the next? No time for shaking or blending? No problem. The protein refreshment is also available as a ready-made drink. The CLEAR ISO WHEY DRINK from BODY ATTACK provides you with 20 g of protein per bottle! Of course, your whey protein isolate is also produced using the CFM process! The best protein for the best performers!

    *Corresponds to the WATERMELON flavor. The protein and amino acid content varies minimally between the flavors.
    ** Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass


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