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Body Attack Protein Coffee- 250ml (12 Cans/1 box)

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The latte flavour Body Attack Protein Coffee provides 25g of high-quality protein

and contains superior coffee extract from 100% Arabica coffee beans for an incomparable coffee aroma.

Some of the delicious sweetness is derived from sweeteners, with no added sugar. 

Product Features:

Coffee extract from 100% Arabica beans

No added sugar

25 g Milk protein

100% Coffee flavour

75 mg Caffeine


Handy when you’re on the move and during training sessions

Provides a quick energy boost

Helps muscle development and maintains musculature

Full-bodied, delicious taste

The protein contained in the drink is largely derived from the added milk protein comprising whey and casein. This blend produces a delicious coffee latte drink, which both improves concentration and contributes to the recommended daily intake of protein therefore promoting muscle development. 

When you’re on a diet or preparing for competition and feel tired and listless, Body Attack Protein Coffee can give you that extra push you need. Moreover, the Body Attack Protein Coffee also helps develop muscle and maintain musculature. The Body Attack Protein Coffee is a delicious change to protein shakes and training drinks, and tastes similar to latte, so coffee connoisseurs won’t be disappointed either.

Who in particular will benefit from the Body Attack Protein Coffee?

Athletes who would like to reduce their consumption of meat, fish and sausage products or who have switched to a vegetarian diet

The figure-conscious who are following a low-carb, high-protein diet

Coffee lovers who want to build up their fat-free muscle mass or maintain musculature during periods of dieting

It is a good alternative to shakes or workout tonics both before and after training

For the health- and figure-conscious who like latte, but who want to avoid consuming simple sugars 

People who do not like protein shakes, but who want to add more protein to their diet 

The Body Attack Protein Coffee contains no added refined sugar, which means that you only consume the sugar that occurs naturally occurs in the low-fat milk and milk protein. The Body Attack Protein Coffee fits perfectly into a healthy eating regime that aims to restrict consumption of simple sugars and increase protein intake. 

A can of Body Attack Protein Coffee provides as much protein as a protein shake. The Protein Coffee in Body Attack is also very handy, as it can be easily stored in a pocket or sports bag. If you’re planning a longer car journey, simply place a few cans in the car.


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