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Body Attack Vegan Protein- 1000g

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Top class plant-based teamwork! Our new vegan multi-component protein brings you the concentrated, plant-based power for your daily protein requirement! The dream team of plant-based protein sources has come together to bring you the best taste on a new level. 9,060 mg EAAs and 4,650 mg BCAAs are contained in each serving - so you get your daily essential amino acids together quickly. The resealable, aluminum-free bag with a modern zip lock ensures that your protein always stays fresh. Vegan, environmentally friendly and a wonderful taste. What more could you want?



 The Vegan Protein Duo-Component Protein is ideal for supporting the following goals:

  • To cover the daily protein requirement
  • To build muscle
  • For muscle maintenance
  • Perfect for vegan recipes

 Who is the Vegan Protein Duo-Component Protein suitable for?

  • Fitness athlete
  • People who want to cover an increased protein requirement
  • Strength or endurance athletes
  • People who follow a vegan diet



You need proteins to build muscle, but you have known that for a long time. The vegan multi-component protein helps you to achieve your daily protein goals and tastes really delicious ... especially in water. ;) Thanks to the particularly environmentally friendly, aluminum-free zip-lock bag, your vegan protein always stays fresh and free of lumps! Open the bag, pour on and stock up on vegetable protein!

This item does not come with a scoop, recommended to purchase our product BC Small Scoop.


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